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Magazine cover for July - August 2020 issue.

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Articles: Students

Four young women of different ethnic backgrounds converse in a homey lounge

Illustration by Bodil Jane/Folio Art


The Undergraduate writes about the Harvard Women’s Center.


Ethnographer Roberto Gonzales spent 12 years following the lives of undocumented young people.

Photograph by Adam Glanzman

Sociologist Roberto Gonzales on the predicament of undocumented young people

July-August 2020

Elijah DeVaughn '21 in black shirt bearing the word "melanin," stands with his right fist raised

Elijah DeVaughn ’21 marched in Los Angeles last weekend.
Photograph courtesy of Elijah DeVaughn

As demonstrations grow in the wake of George Floyd’s death, students mobilize against racism and police brutality


Photo of the author sitting with two friends, all in masks, in the Radcliffe Quadrangle as they watched virtual Commencement

The author (right) sitting with blockmates Mike Shirek (left) and Ernie Omondi (center) as they watched virtual Commencement

Photograph courtesy of Caroline Englemayer

A return to campus, to take in virtual graduation with friends


Our favorite student essays on the undergraduate experience


A selection of stories covering the admission of women, the Harvard-Radcliffe merger, the rise of women in the faculty ranks, Harvard’s first woman president, and more


Illustration by Emily Koch

Seniors hunker down in communal quarantine.


A hallway in Quincy House, with chairs cordoned off limits against the wall

A hallway in Quincy House

Photograph by Jeremy Tsai 

Most days, I see no one at all.


Highlights from our wide-ranging coverage of the environment