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The author’s father, Noah Gibson, playing fiddle with friends at an Irish music session

Photoraph courtesy of Lydialyle Gibson


A personal story about caregiving and empathy


Letters on admissions, academic presses, the solicitor general, and more

January-February 2019

Affirmative action, donor and staff preferences, and other Harvard College admissions challenges

January-February 2019

Illustration by Michael Parkin/Folio Art

The Undergraduate considers the composition of Harvard College.

January-February 2019

A formal wartime portrait

Photograph from the Mathew Brady Collection/Library of Congres

Brief history of the image of a hero: 1822-1885

January-February 2019

Letters on President Bacow, the solicitor general, Facebook, and more

November-December 2018

Matching Harvard’s money to its mission

November-December 2018

Illustration by Maya Ish-Shalom

The Undergraduate considers study abroad.

November-December 2018

Letters on faculty diversity, general education, advanced standing, and more

September-October 2018