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Book jackets for "The Hate U Give," "The Diary of Anne Frank," "The Bluest Eye," "Coming of Age in Mississippi," and "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret"


One reader’s perspective


Illustration by Matt Chinworth 

The Undergraduate takes a chance with film.

July-August 2019

Stuart Schreiber sits “where I go to talk to my mother,” by the memorial paver that he had installed for her at Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Photograph by Jim Harrison



A scientist discovers his own family’s secrets.

July-August 2019

Stephen Jay Gould

Photograph by Richard Howard/The LIFE Images Collection

Country dance, saving homework from a burning car, and Stephen Jay Gould on 9/11

July-August 2019

At the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Joe Brett—veteran and Harvard Kennedy School alumnus—addresses Ukrainian veterans of the Soviet-Afghan War. He writes, “I gave them a pin of my old unit, 24th Corps, which happens to be a blue heart on a white shield…or in this case a symbol for peace. We all wept when I gave this out with the words that it was up to us to all work for peace, now that we have met each other as brothers at this memorial…One former Soviet colonel hugged me and, with tears in his eyes, said that all soldiers should be veterans.”

Photograph courtesy of Joe Brett

A Kennedy School reunioner and Vietnam veteran stresses the need to address moral injury.


The author’s father, Noah Gibson, playing fiddle with friends at an Irish music session

Photoraph courtesy of Lydialyle Gibson

A personal story about caregiving and empathy


Students’ Top 10 list: it’s not academic

May-June 2019

Lawrence S. Bacow

President Bacow on friendships formed among and between scholars and students

May-June 2019

President Bacow on Harvard and excellence

March-April 2019