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Harvard Authors' Bookshelf

To purchase a book, click on the title of the book (in red) and you will be taken to Amazon or the website the author has copies available for sale. You can also check  your local bookstore. If they don't have copies, many will special order for you.

Lee B. Silverman, M.B.A. ’90

B is a how-to, quality-of-life, self-help guide. The purpose of B is to help you and our planet. If enough people live in a positive way, the impact will be great. We hope you find B easy, fun, and helpful. Available on Amazon.
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The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class
Edward Conard, M.B.A. ’82

Top Ten NY Times Bestselling Author, Larry Summers: "a valuable contribution." Available on Amazon, at local bookstores.
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Shylock: His Own Story
Bertram Fields, J.D. ’52

Now, Bertram Fields gives us Shakespeare's enigmatic Shylock's full story, his dangerous background, his loves and challenges, and his motivation for the demand of a pound of flesh. Get it at Amazon.
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Gloriana: Exploring The Reign Of Elizabeth I
Bertram Fields, J.D. ’52

A breathless account of Elizabeth’s rise to power. Was she “The Virgin Queen?” Did she sanction murder? Fully illustrated in color. Get it at Amazon.
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Destiny: A Novel of Napoleon & Josephine
Bertram Fields, J.D. ’52

Napoleon & Josephine. A story of loyalty, betrayal, and tempestuous love set against a sweeping background of intrigue, terror and war. Get it at Amazon.
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Split Rock: A Martha's Vineyard Novel
Holly Hodder Eger ’82
"Intelligent, sensitive storytelling with a strong sense of place" (Kirkus). "IPPY" Award for Best Adult Fiction E-Book, Silver Medalist. William Faulkner-William Wisdom Prize for Fiction, Semi-Finalist.
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Why Isn't My Brain Working?
Datis Kharrazian, M.M.S. ’18

Learn how the brain impacts your life & how to use diet and lifestyle changes to optimize your brain function. This book has over 1,000 citations using a functional medicine approach. Available on Amazon & info at
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Unlocking Creativity
Michael A. Roberto ’91, M.B.A. ’95

Unlocking Creativity describes the 6 organizational mindsets that block creativity in many enterprises and offers strategies to overcome them. Learn to activate creative potential and provide room for original thinkers to flourish.
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The Adverse Effects of Leftist Social Policy
Richard Merlo ’57

The political Left plans to replace US Capitalism with a Socialist order. Offering free medical care, education, and more, they hope to buy enough votes to effect the transition. Available on Amazon.
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Love Handles
Richard Hirschhorn ’54, M.D. ’58

"If you don't love your own body, why would you expect someone else to love it?" An exposé of life and loves in a ladies' spa where sex meets sweat...and seams part! Available at bookstores and
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Napoleon, Charles XII and Hitler: Challenge and Calamity in Russia
Adolf A.F. Jochnick, J.D. ’58

This book describes the invasions of Russia & compares them, with questions like: why were they conducted in the way they were? Why did they fail? Could anyone have succeeded? Available on Amazon.
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The Holy Roman Empire, Sweden and France in the Thirty Year War, 1618-1648
Adolf A.F. Jochnick, J.D. ’58

This book covers the Thirty Year War, explaining the objectives of these parties and the impact of their acts on their neighbors. Available on Amazon.
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Transformative Schooling
Vajra Watson, Ed.D. ’08

Discussions of achievement gaps are rarely interrogated as a symptom of white supremacy. As an act of disruption, Watson pierces through the rhetoric and provides a provocative analysis of racial inclusivity and educational justice.
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The Inside Track
Tom Courtney, M.B.A. ’59

An inspiring account of persistence and determination that led a frustrated baseball player to two gold medals in the 1956 Olympics. A lesson in track, business and life.
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International Management Behavior
Henry W. Lane, D.B.A. ’77, and Martha L. Maznevski

The definitive textbook and online learning suite for current and future global leaders wanting to lead competently and sustainably in their business practices.
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Leading with Dignity
Donna Hicks, Ph.D., Weatherhead Center

An empowering road map showing leaders how to strengthen and energize their organizations by recognizing and cultivating the dignity of all their people. It is a gift to give and receive.
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A Manifesto For Young Men Everywhere
Jon Pearlman ’12

A call to action for young men to seize control of their lives. Harvard's former top tennis player crafts a plan for reaching your physical and mental potential. A quick, entertaining, and fun read.
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Separate But Equal?
Richard Herr ’43

How the Enlightenment bred the European and American drives for ethnic homogeneity and how multicultural and feminist movements seek to overcome them. Available on Amazon or visit for info.
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Bleeding Heart Conservatives: Why It's Good To Be Right
Allison Lee Pillinger Choi ’06

Written by a passionately moderate conservative, BHC presents views on fiscal, social and foreign policy issues from a modest and compassionate perspective. Available on Amazon.
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We Can Do It: A Community Takes on the Challenge of School Desegregation
Michael T. Gengler, J.D. ’69

The history of school desegregation, focused on Gainesville, Florida. What conflicts arose? How were they resolved (or not)? Extensive interviews.
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How Capitol Got The Beatles and Then What Happened
Charles Tillinghast, J.D. ’57

Offered the Beatles by Capitol's Parent, EMI, Capitol declined. The group then appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. Should "no" have been "yes"? Available on
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The Last Step
Michael Wyatt, J.D. ’72

Editor: Diana Farr-Louis ’63. Harvard Ph.D. student overcomes academic and government opposition, drug cartels, shamans, saboteurs, snakes and jaguars to return a stolen Mayan statue to Copan, Honduras. BeneFactum Publishing.
(Click photo to enlarge) How the Best Startups Make It Happen
Robert Stringer ’64, M.B.A. ’66
Provides practical advice, insights, and tools for entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors to young, rapidly growing companies. It is a valuable resource for educators and anyone working with a startup.
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Mary Magdalene Revealed
The First Apostle, Her Feminist Gospel & The Christianity We Haven't Tried Yet
Meggan Watterson, M.T.S. ’01

The gospel of Mary Magdalene tells a very different love story from the one we've come to refer to as Christianity.
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A Life in History
David Kaiser ’69, Ph.D. ’76
A distinguished historian tells the story of his education, his teaching at Harvard and elsewhere, his research and writing, and the fateful changes in the historical profession over the last 40 years. See also
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My Life in Boats, Fast and Slow
Andrew Larkin ’68, M.D. ’72

Tells the story of the the early years of Harry Parker, when 1968 Harvard Crew went to the Olympic Finals and were involved in the Olympic Project for Human Rights.
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Alzheimer's Through the Alphabet: One Journey of Ups and Downs
Leslie F. Hergert, Ed. D. ’94

A caregiver's story of life with her husband's Alzheimer's, told with honesty, humor, and a wry eye. Readers have described it as comforting, informative, and hilarious. Available on
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Gambling with Violence: State Outsourcing of War in Pakistan and India
Yelena Biberman, A.M. '06

Why do states gamble with their national security by outsourcing violence - arming former rebels, criminals, and ordinary civilians—inside their own borders?
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The Litchfield Law School: Guiding the New Nation
Paul DeForest Hicks, LL.B. ’61

This engaging book makes a convincing case that the Litchfield Law School deserves greater recognition for its role in history, because of its influence and notable achievements of its alumni.
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MY JOB: More People at Work Around the World
Suzanne Skees, M.T.S. ’92

Just-released book 2 profiles 15 more U.S. and global professionals from diverse cultures and industries. A voyage to villages, cities, and farms to hear first-person accounts of the meaning of work.
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Assassin's Quandary
Ralph Sawyer, A.M. ’70

A young, erstwhile healer coerced into the role of an assassin struggles with his mission in a tale that reflects the thought, medical practices, and historical intrigue that characterized China's strife filled Warring States period.
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Try to Catch the Water
Marguerite Archie-Hudson, Ed.M. ’61

Three couples, friends since college and now in their 40s, are forced to wrestle with shocking revelations and emotional crises, which makes them examine the meaning of friendship and trust.
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Arthur Bloom ’56

In this memoir, Bloom traces his evolution from physician and Professor of Genetics, to writer of fiction. We travel with him from Hiroshima to Paris to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Available on Amazon.
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The Rise and Fall of David Duke
Tyler Bridges, NF ’12

A gripping biography of the former KKK grand wizard who won election in Louisiana and became the country’s leading anti-Semite. By the journalist who knows him best. Available on
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A Promising Urban-School Superintendency: The First Year
Julian Stafford, Ed.M.’92, Ed.D.’96

Taking charge of an urban school system embroiled in intrigues & challenges, while fashioning educational reforms for key-stakeholders, clients & customers!; 504-579-3539.
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Letters to Belle
John A. Bross ’61, J.D. ’65 and Justine Bross Yildiz ’65

Civil War letters from Col. John A. Bross, a Chicago lawyer who raised the only African-American regiment from Illinois and was killed at the Battle of the Crater. Available on Amazon.
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The Product of Woollett
J.S. Berkman ’77, J.D. ’82

John Banville, Man Booker Prize winner for The Sea, calls this book a "fluid, fluent...aesthetically pleasing sequel to The Ambassadors" by Henry James, which can be enjoyed even without having read the original James masterpiece.
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Genres Synch
Edward R. Levenson ’63, Ph.D.

Genres Synch, with its different sections and guest contributions, is the author's fifth book. Its writings span good-natured humor, satire, avant-garde poetry, fiction, memoirs, and scholarly exposition.
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Being The Grownup
Adelia Moore ’71

Children's need for the authority of caregiving adults remains the essence of parenthood. This book helps parents translate their determination to care into a clear voice of both love and limits. June, 2019., Amazon.
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Dirty Science
Bob Gebelein ’56

Establishment scientists assert that there is no reality beyond the physical. This has not been proven, so they use unscientific methods to block whole dimensions of knowledge, mental and spiritual. Now on and
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The Memoirs of William Alfred 1938-1961
Edited by: Peter Grudin, Ph.D. ’71

The late, beloved professor and playwright records his life from his early teens through his service in World War II and his early years at Harvard. Read at:
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Strategic Customer Service
John A. Goodman, M.B.A. ’71

Including research from companies such as 3M, USAA, and Chick-Fil-A, readers learn how to transcend a good business into a profitable word-of-mouth machine that transforms the bottom line. Available on
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Holy Women Full of Grace: The Women in Mark’s Gospel
Joan Mitchell, M.T.S. ’87

In Holy Women Full of Grace, images and text together build to a powerful revelation: women were always there in the Jesus story. Available at
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It's Time: Conversation With Angels Volume III
D.B. Ashuah, Ed.M. ’97

"You are a master; it is time for you to acknowledge it, moving forward, knowing that there are no victims, no coincidences, and no accidents in the journey you call human life."
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Winds Beneath My Wings
Royce Moser Jr. ’57, M.D. ’61, M.P.H. ’65

Why the author did not want to go to Harvard College '57, HMS '61, or HSPH '65. Two ladies and the USAF intervened. A chance meeting in HMS led to realization of a life-long dream of flying in high-performance USAF aircraft. Next was 33 years at the U of Utah SOM.
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Resourceful: Leadership and Communications in a Relationship Age
Hal Calbom ’71
Behavioral skills critical to innovation, relationship building and problem solving in flatter, customer-focused organizations.
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Hamlet on the Couch
James Groves ’68, M.D. ’72

Weaves a close reading of Shakespeare’s Hamlet with a large variety of contemporary psychoanalytic and psychological theory, looking at the interplay of ideas between the two. Available on Amazon.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Liberia: America’s African Stepchild
David Gene Reese, M.P.A. ’65

This book’s approach includes healthy doses of socioeconomic and cultural discussions and biographical sketches of important figures in Liberia's history. Available on Amazon.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Holistic Health for Adolescents
Nada Milosavljevic, HMS Faculty; M.D., J.D.
This all-inclusive book helps teens and parents looking for synergistic ways to address common conditions such as stress, poor focus, and sleep difficulty with evidence-based natural tools and techniques.
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Mindfulness: A Better Me; A Better You; A Better World
Annabel Beerel, Ph.D., and Tom Raffio ’78, FLMI

Explains how to build mindfulness into your workplace culture. The Bookery (Manchester, N.H.); Gibson's Bookstore (Concord, N.H.); or Amazon.
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The Profitability Test
Harborne W. Stuart Jr. '78, Ph.D. '92

The theory that changed how business schools teach strategy. Businesses are at the center of value creation, and success relies on understanding that profits are part of this value creation, not the outcome of a zero-sum game.
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Heroes, Rascals, and the Law: Constitutional Encounters in Mississippi History
James L. Robertson, J.D. ’65

Tales of a people's great, disgraceful, and mundane constitutional encounters from statehood thru World War II. Order at
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The Vavasour Macbeth
Bart Casey ’70

Manuscripts from the Tudor tomb of Anne Vavasour and Sir Henry Lee reveal links between the Elizabethan lovers and Shakespeare's Macbeth. "An engaging read with a plethora of captivating literary and historical details"—Kirkus
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