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Matthias Nahrendorf seated in front of a PET/CT scanner

Matthias Nahrendorf uses equipment like this PET/CT imaging scanner to study the role of white blood cells in inflammation.

Photograph by Jim Harrison


Exercise attenuates stem cell production of pro-inflammatory white blood cells.


Photograph by iStock

Tests in macaques show robust protection against the SARS-CoV-2 virus induced by either vaccines or natural infection.


A yellow cab turns through an intersection directed by a police officer

Essential workers at highest risk of SARS-CoV-2  infection include cab drivers and police officers. 
Photograpy by iStock

Nearly half of early COVID-19 transmission was work-related—a cautionary note as the economy reopens.


Video split-screen capture of images of Evelynn Hammonds and Paul Farmer

Evelynn Hammonds and Paul Farmer

A conversation on health disparities, with Paul Farmer and Evelynn Hammonds


Art by Harvard Magazine/ JC; images by iStock

A critical scientific question that bears on policies for fighting the pandemic.


From zoology and evolutionary science to animal-rights law to the joys of local wildlife, a selection of our favorite animal stories


A selection of stories covering the admission of women, the Harvard-Radcliffe merger, the rise of women in the faculty ranks, Harvard’s first woman president, and more


Screen shot of Mary T. Bassett and Khalil Gibran Muhammad

 Mary T. Bassett and Khalil Gibran Muhammad

A Radcliffe Institute online discussion of health disparities laid bare by coronavirus



A new nasal swab design can be manufactured quickly and at low cost.
Photograph courtesy of the Wyss Institute at Harvard University

Engineers at the Wyss Institute address a critical shortage of nasal swabs.