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Video split-screen capture of images of Evelynn Hammonds and Paul Farmer

Evelynn Hammonds and Paul Farmer

A conversation on health disparities, with Paul Farmer and Evelynn Hammonds

5.15.20 | COVID-19

From our “Vita” section, extraordinary lives of authors, artists, activists, and more

5.14.20 | At Home with Harvard

When times are tough, there comes to be this real question of who is forced to bear the cost.”  

5.14.20 | News

Art by Harvard Magazine/ JC; images by iStock

A critical scientific question that bears on policies for fighting the pandemic.

5.13.20 | COVID-19

Discover a new series to watch in quarantine, or read about the creator behind your favorite show, in this selection of our TV stories

5.12.20 | At Home with Harvard
Erin McDermott

Erin McDermott
Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell, Harvard Public Affairs and Communications, Harvard University

McDermott will join Harvard from the University of Chicago July 1. 

5.7.20 | News

From zoology and evolutionary science to animal-rights law to the joys of local wildlife, a selection of our favorite animal stories

5.7.20 | At Home with Harvard
Photograph of Claudine Gay

Claudine Gay, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Photograph courtesy of Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

The last regular Faculty of Arts and Sciences meeting of the year, convened remotely, addresses teaching, finances, and climate change.

5.6.20 | News

Our favorite student essays on the undergraduate experience

5.5.20 | At Home with Harvard

Executive vice president Katie Lapp details losses from research funding and executive education.

5.5.20 | News