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Photograph by Harvard Magazine/LG

Fossil-fuel and prison divestment activists interrupt a discussion on economic inequality. 

4.5.19 | News

The front page of The Boston Globe on Friday April 5

Head fencing coach Peter Brand allegedly sold his Needham home to the father of a prospective fencer at an inflated price.

4.5.19 | News

Amanda Claybaugh, dean of undergraduate education
Photograph by Justin Cooper

How Harvard will structure its General Education “quantitative reasoning” requirement

4.3.19 | News

Undergraduates’ flexibility in registering for courses is retained for at least a year or two.

4.2.19 | News

The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid 

Photograph by Lydia Carmichael/Harvard Magazine

And the term bill approaches $70,000

3.28.19 | News

Will this familiar bust return to its familiar place in a Lowell House courtyard?

Photograph by hantsheroes/Wikicommons

A meaningful change in the images on display in the renewed Lowell House

3.27.19 | News

“Trading Floor, 1981.” Ready for the New Era in Financial Markets: Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb.

Courtesy of the Lehman Brothers Records, Baker Library, Harvard Business School

A Harvard Business School exhibition traces the rise and Great Recession fall of an iconic investment bank.

3.26.19 | Museums and Collections

President Bacow speaking at Peking University on March 20
Photograph by Yi Wang/Harvard Center Shanghai

The president addresses fraught issues at a delicate time in China.

3.20.19 | News
This year's Ivy League basketball tournaments will be played this weekend at Yale's John J. Lee Amphitheater, which seats 2,800 and was the site of a thrilling playoff game between the Harvard and Princeton men in 2011. Photograph by David Silverman/Yale Athletics

Inside the debate over where to play the Ivy League basketball tournament

3.15.19 | Sports

Genetic material from these two 8,000-year-old brothers, hunter-gatherers found near Leon, Spain, helped reveal an ancient migration across northern Spain

Photograph by Julio Manuel Vidal Encinas

Ancient DNA reveals Bronze Age replacement of Iberian men, raising new questions.

3.14.19 | Research